Top Tips to Get The Beard You Want

A beard can make a man look mature, masculine and undeniably sexier. Whether you are trying to shave off everything, have stubble or a full grown beard, it is an aesthetic choice that needs quite an attention. What is supposed to make you look dapper and attractive can very soon start appearing slobbish if not looked after regularly. Like scalp hair, facial hair needs regular trimming, cleaning, and combing if long. This is your guide to different beard styles and grooming do’s and dont’s.

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A lot is being said and written about the different looks you can sport according to your face type and occasion. We don’t want to recreate the same list of a dozen headings and want to keep it simple and terse. There are many ways in which a beard can amp up your personality depending on your vocation. Whether you are a student, a serviceman or your own boss, there’s always a beard style to give you the panache you desire.

Beard styles for a student

While a school student is generally not allowed to keep a beard, a college guy can flaunt his style. What suits an individual is often determined by experimenting with different looks and a maturing lad has the following stylish beard options to try that give a youthful look.

beard styles for students
Rocking a chiseled young look!

Beard styles for a serviceman

Limited, but not restricted, by his professional niceties, a serviceman has got to keep his face tidy. This primarily means that either there’s no beard or a slightly grown one properly tucked in place with no drifting hair. The casual looking stubble is often not appreciated in offices as it gives a laidback appearance. If your office gives you the freedom to flaunt your style, lucky you are!

beard styles for work
From clean-shaved to slightly grown hair, choose from these beard options for a serviceman

Beard styles for an independent survivor

Businessman, wanderer, artist, etc., you don’t have to care about formalities and can try anything that defines you. If nothing from the above points appeals to you, you certainly have an edgy style and a desire to be creative. Check these out!

quirky beard styles
These beard styles need a certain amount of confidence to carry them and are good to sport if you have no one to answer to for being a badass! 😉


Once you grow a beard keeping your favorite look in mind, and unless it’s your goal to sport an unkempt look, you’d have to do a few things once in a while and give your beard some TLC. Please don’t think that growing a beard is a lazy shortcut to cleaning just half of the face! Beard grooming has become big business now because tending to all areas of the body is not just a women’s thing anymore and men have become much more attentive to tiny details of their appearance. Have a look at the different ways to achieve that perfect beard you see in magazines –  

  • Beard dandruff aka beardruff is a real problem that has lately garnered a lot of attention. You might have noticed that after some growth the beard often gets itchy. This is because the hair absorbs the moisture from the skin and leaves the skin underneath dry. The longer your beard, the worse your skin might be getting. Using beard oil nourishes and conditions the hair, moisturizes the skin underneath and prevents flaking. Men with short beards can use their hands to apply the oil while those with long beard can comb (wooden comb preferred) it through. The result is a soft, neat, detangled and shiny beard with fewer complaints of coarseness from your girlfriend! Also, if your beard curls up, a beard wax can help you to pat it into shape and keep stray hair in order. So shampoo, dry and oil your beard at least twice every week.
  • Use a good trimmer or razor to get the sharp lines defining your beard. A well-defined beard according to the style you choose looks much more attractive and shows your meticulous side.
  • Different parts of the face may have different levels of growth. Use your trimmer accordingly by changing the settings when you approach the lean growth area to avoid a patchy looking beard.
beard grooming tips
Do the following at your own risk!


So you know what style to choose and how to look after your beard by now. However, with a set of dos come a few don’ts as well. Just pay a little attention to them and your beard will thank you in return.

  • Don’t let your beard get dirty with all the natural oil and sweat.
  • Don’t forget to trim the beard regularly to avoid uneven looking growth. Also, know how to fade the growth near the neckline and NOT the jawline.
  • Don’t blindly follow your favorite celebrity without giving a thought to your face shape.
  • Finally, don’t lose patience as a full grown beard takes a few months’ time.

We have nothing against clean-shaved looks but a beard brings out an appeal which is reminiscent of the primitive and robust manly qualities. We hope this article gave you ideas for different beard styles and grooming tips according to your vocation and maintenance needs. So, how to get the beard you want? Whether you are lazy enough to shave or you want to make a style statement at your work place, just keep these dos and don’ts in your mind!

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