10 Free Must Have Android Apps For Productivity

A cellphone has become more than a gadget that only the rich used to buy or the professionals used to require. When almost 75% of the Indian population uses a mobile, it talks about its ubiquitousness, usefulness (depending on how it is used) and the real power to impact lives. It is a great tool for increasing productivity and efficiency for those who try to look for the right set of apps. Apart from entertainment and communication the below is a list of 10 best android apps for productivity for students and professionals which are also free and will help you manage time, effort and activities in an efficient manner.


  1. Pocket Casts – This free for android podcast app with episodes from around the world is so convenient to use with user friendly features. It has superior search capabilities down to the episode number, a well managed listening and subscription history and various attractive UI features.
  2. Evernote – Type notes, make handwritten text or drawing entries, organize notes into folders, tag location and images, etc. and a ton of other things you’ll be tempted to do to make note-taking more organised and easy. There’s is a reason why Evernote is featured on almost all lists talking about best productivity apps.

    best android apps for productivity evernote pocket cast
    Evernote and Pocket Casts
  3. Kindle – the app of the popular e-reader device is just as good. Not only can you read and track your activity, you can link it with Goodreads to manage goals, download free samples of books via Amazon to read first before buying and sync and share your notes and bookmarks. (Check out our section for book reviews)
  4. PushBullet – not only can you use this to share messages and files with friends like any regular app, you can easily exchange stuff between various devices and share with yourself. If you have always wanted a quick way to send things across your mobile and laptop, PushBullet is your answer.

    best android apps for productivity pushbullet kindle
    Pushbullet and Kindle
  5. Wunderlist – a task management app with one of the simplest UIs. Manage personal and group todo lists, make notes and subtasks, deadlines, reminder alarms, etc. and share with people or across devices easily with Wunderlist. 
  6. MyFitnessPal – this calorie and exercise tracker from Under Armour has a wide availability of nutritional information of food items so you don’t have to guess your macro intake and can monitor as accurately as possible. Also are there different exercise categories for cardio and weight training. (Read – Nutrition Labels: Are They Accurate?)

    best android apps for productivity myfitnesspal wunderlist
    MyFitnessPal and Wunderlist
  7. Slack – make talking with colleagues or business partners easy with Slack with personal conversations, and by dividing the conversation into different channels to form groups according to topics. This makes filtering a message easier down to sender, topic or time. Slack can also be linked with various 3rd party apps like Google Drive, Trello, etc. to make it convenient to have everything under one roof.
  8. Trello – whether you create a board for personal tasks or for projects when you have several tasks allocated between several team members, Trello lets you manage activities, lists, progress and deadlines by creating different task lists under a project and assigning members, defining timelines and attachments.

    best android apps for productivity trello slack
    Trello and Slack
  9. Perfios – A money management app to track expenses, cashflow and investments. The free version lets you link bank accounts and track cashflows to help you easily manage monthly expenses, keep track of upcoming bills and set tabs for savings. 
  10. Pocket – for those who read on the web so much that they forget which tab to get done with first, Pocket lets you save the links for offline reading later on making it convenient to finish off saved articles during monotonous activities of commuting, waiting, etc. 

    best android apps for productivity perfios pocket
    Perfios and Pocket


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