“If you want to get a new look, get a new hairstyle”

No change in wardrobe needed. A new hairstyle is a convenient and inexpensive way to revamp old things according to your changing mood or preferences. If you have wanted to know hairstyle ideas for your hair type, face cut, how to look after your hair and how to add some style with hats, then here is our complete guide to hair care and hairstyles for Indian men.

It all starts with hair care

Hair is a fragile part of the body in the sense that any damage or any benefit they get from your activity shows up pretty quickly. Your head may start getting dry and itchy and hair may start falling, or your hair start feeling strong and shiny and you’ll notice the difference. Looking after them shouldn’t be a very difficult task then.

Follow the simple routine of weekly oiling your hair preferably with coconut or olive oil, shampooing twice a week with a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner (unless you are aiming for a look that needs slightly rough or disheveled hair because a conditioner will soften the hair down). For hair more on the dry and frizzy side, they can benefit from a hair mask every 2-3 weeks.

For more information and some home remedies, read here on how to care for your hair, especially for those hot and humid days.

Select a hairstyle according to your face type and profession

You should select a hairstyle that suits your profession and doesn’t make you look out of the place and also something that suits your face shape (if you want to identify your face shape, you may refer to this post by menshairstylesnow). College students might be having the most leeway here, as school students and professional men have certain limitations in terms of flaunting style. But that doesn’t mean there is any dearth of looks to be that debonair!

Here are some quick pointers about how to choose a hairstyle –

Hairstyles for curly hair
curly hairstyles for men

Curly hair men have to take some extra care to maintain their hair as they are more prone to getting frizzy and dry then other hair types and tangled curls can lend an untidy look. This simply means oiling and conditioning regularly and nothing fancy. Regardless, curls offer some really good looking hairstyle options for men as they can also keep some length without their hair looking really long. A hair styling gel might be needed here to hold the curls in place.

For more hairstyles ideas for curly hair, check here!

Hairstyles for short hair
short hairstyles for men

Almost a necessity for students and professionals in most places is to have short hair. They have their own benefits owing to easy hair care, but if you have particularly wanted to keep long hair, this strictness can be a bummer. Short hair still we feel offer many stylish hairstyle options for men. By tweaking your spikes a bit or adding some side fade, you can make the hairstyle rock.

For more hairstyles ideas for short hair, check here!

Hairstyles for long hair
long hairstyles for men

Long hair is a luxury that many men can not have due to professional or other reasons. It’s also something very few choose to have because they demand more maintenance and styling and have to suit your face cut and personality if you want to avoid looking like you’re trying too hard. From having ear length hair to beyond, long hair has some pretty stylish hairstyle options to choose from to make you look nerdy, artistic or badass!

For more hairstyles ideas for long hair, check here!

Some ever popular hairstyles
popular hairstyles for men

Fashion comes and goes, but some hairstyles have stood the test of time and have remained evergreen choices for men who don’t want to chase trends. Men all over the world have loved them, sported them time and again and they are here to stay for years to come. From a simple maintenance free buzz cut to short spikes to classic slick back, you can’t go wrong with these haircuts.

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Best hairstyles for Indian men
hairstyles for indian boys

Indian men are mostly seen with non-experimental hairstyles, said in a good way. We don’t chase trends too much and adore some classics. Given the warm skintone, dark hair and features, there are some hairstyles that particularly have been favored by Indians above all others. Whether it is the classic side parting, lose long hair, pulled back hair or some short spikes, these hairstyles will be appropriate for your every occasion.

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Use Hats to add some personality

hats for indian men and boys

Caps or hats are an instant way of showing your allegiance to a brand or idea you belong to. More so, they are an accessory that anybody can add and find something that suits them. And they make an impression without tweaking much of your attire. Baseball cap, fedora, flat cap, beanie, etc., they are plenty of styles to choose from and you are sure to find something to go with your style. Store it properly so that it doesn’t crumble and lose shape, and don’t wear it sideways (gone are the days of 90s fashion).

For more suggestions on styling and choosing a hat, read here!

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