15 Most Popular Hairstyles For Men With Curly Hair (2019)

Hairstyles for men with curly hair can you make you look elegant, edgy, badass, nerdy, creative and what not. Curly hair often need a fair bit of maintenance, the first and foremost of which is making sure the hair is not frizzy and dry. Though a bunch of products can temporarily help, do check out the haircare tips for hot and humid days that can especially lead to frail and damaged hair. No matter what the style is whether your curly hair is brushed to the sides or back, they’d need to be held there with some gel or atleast some anti-frizz product. Having said that, not everyone can carry curly hair nicely, but if you are born with it, look after them well as they will certainly grab attention. Below is a list of curly hairstyles for men (with a focus on curly hairstyles for Indian men).

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  1. Mohawk Curls
    curly hairstyles for men

These loose Mohawk curls is just the look for an evening out with the girls (or the boys).

  1. Side- fringed small Curls and Fade Undercut
    curly hairstyles for men

Pretty tricky, maybe? This style would be a great choice for you if your hair has some volume and is probably short and kinky.

  1. Small, Tight Curled Mohawk
    curly hairstyles for men

With this hairstyle, your front hair could be lower, if you want. If not, a high top Mohawk and bald fade is the new-hot-guy-in-the-street look.

  1. Fringed Mohawk, Messy Curls and Fade Undercut
    curly hairstyles for men

This haircut entails a high fade to highlight the mess of curls and little hair draping over your forehead. Well, this would require some serious styling and good products.

  1. Curly Hair with Fade
    curly hairstyles for men

The innocent look does not come with the style, but sure adds to the boyish look of your face. You have to be certain just how high you need your faux to be though, high or only very high. Leave the curls as they are please.

  1. Loose Scanty Curls
    curly hairstyles for men

If you have a receding hairline, this is very good cover. Simply curl loosely from the bottom up and arrange in a high top manner.

  1. Mid-Length Curly Hair
    curly hairstyles for men

Well suited for casual days, this simple brushed back short curl haircut is a great statement hairstyle for gentlemen.

  1. Curly Pompadour with Side Part
    curly hairstyles for men

Add extra style to your pompadour by making a side flat so that the high top is amplified. Don’t forget the wet look too.

  1. Mohawk Afro Curls
    curly hairstyles for men

This full top Afro mo could go with or without tapered sides. Either way, the small, curls make you look the right of kind of goofy. It could be natural and it can be achieved artificially too.

  1. Mohawk Curls with Side Fringe
    curly hairstyles for men

Side fringes sure do make a statement every time. Put them on top of a mohawk and there you have your man crush in the mirror.

  1. Messy Back Curls
    curly hairstyles for men

Arrange your curls all back but keep them thick and messy. And this look is good for the suit and tie as well as the T-shirt and jeans. You would need to keep your maintenance game up though.

  1. Wavy Slicked Back
    curly hairstyles for men

This hairstyle is undoubtedly attention-grabbing. Men with longer curls will be can easily switch up how they part it and the way the curls will sit.

  1. Round Afro Cut and Tapered Undercut
    curly hairstyles for men

With this hair style, you can keep the base smoothly layered and put a round mass of afro curls on top. You could add a light beard to go with it.

  1. Curly Dreads
    curly hairstyles for men

If your hair is on the short side, these curly dreads can still help you achieve that stylish look you’ve always wanted.

  1. Ivy League Curls
    curly hairstyles for men

Get the professional, scholarly look with this ivy league thick curls. It is easy to get, is the best cut for all occasions and is one of the most popular curly hairstyles for Indian men.


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