Little Things That Make Her Happy

While you may vouch for The Police's Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic to describe your women, perhaps every little thing you do might be magical for her too. All you must do is find the little things that bring a smile to her face. Nope, no grand parties or fancy dinner is the answer here. We tend to take things for granted in long relationships that have crossed the initial romance stage. However, to keep things happening, the least you could do is make her happy with your small gestures. Don't get dinner at the Taj or bring her fancy jewelry. It's time you understand that you can make a woman happy without the materialistic approach. 

It's not a toughie but be sincere and genuine with how you approach these small things. 


A note of gratitude

Sometimes instead of saying things, writing them down tend to give better results. So try to maybe stick a post-it note on her mirror or wardrobe, saying "You beautiful, you", just to make her feel what you see in her. If that's the first thing she sees in the morning or the last thing she sees before she goes to bed, she will definitely appreciate your effort to make her feel good about herself. 


Don't be a chef but be the man to get her coffee

This is something I've seen my parents do (who have been married for 26 years now). Since my father is retired, he stays back, does the cleaning so when my mother returns from work, he makes sure to greet her with a cup of coffee. They salud the drinks in their hand and talk about how they spent their day. It sounds like a small gesture but it has an unimaginable impact! 


Embrace spontaneity and surprise her

For her to be surprised, you need to embrace spontaneity. Not many guys are fans of being spontaneous in a relationship. Well, mostly because they're still trying to understand the crux of the relationship. But while you're still deciphering what your woman means to you, taking her for a long drive in the middle of the night, planning a spontaneous trip, calling her folks over (if she's feeling low) are just some of the cute things you could do.  


Plan a date at a quaint place (don't take her help!)

Nothing brings more joy to a woman than when her man plans an entire date, all by himself, without taking her help. Like I mentioned earlier, women like surprises and spontaneity in a relationship. Be a little mushy and cheesy when planning these things. Take her to a quaint little place with fewer people but her favourite cuisine. It doesn't necessarily have to be candlelight if it's under the stars. Pack her a picnic and take her to a park! Plan eccentric dates to earn extra brownie points from her. 


Give her a morning cuddle

Men generally frown upon cuddling. Some women do too. So first understand what your woman likes, if cuddles are her thing, give her some! Don't be shy and let your guard down. 


If you were expecting a long list of things to make her happy, you won't find it here. These few points would be more than enough to make your woman happy. Of course though, if you'd like to share your thoughts on this subject, you are welcome. You can type your views in the comments box below.