Shopping Tips To Look Good On A Budget

Everyone faces those moments, especially students and new professionals, when money is a constraint and budget allocation to shopping needs some planning. We all usually know where we need to cut down, but impulsive shopping sometimes get the best of us and we end up buying not so useful stuff. Budget shopping tips are not science backed facts, but just some small reminders that we all need every now and then to remind us that how important it is to spend money wisely and that it can actually be really easy to look good as well if you shop with some thought.

1.       Always have a list – this is important to avoid impulsive shopping. Overtime as you notice that you need a pair of socks, a white shirt, a black belt, whatever be it, note it down. On your next visit to the market, get them first before randomly buying something else. When you’re done with the necessities and are still left with money in your shopping budget, you may indulge!

2.       Mix and match items – when you need to be frugal while spending, you have to be creative while shopping. While buying clothes, shoes or accessories, think about how many items in your closet it can go with. Having multipurpose items saves a ton of money and prevents boredom that comes with same routine clothes.

3.       Look out for the end of season sale – it’s always a good idea to wait for the sale period and to keep your shopping list ready by then. Unless something is an urgent requirement, most items can easily wait for a few weeks. You might be wearing those trendy clothes a season late, but does it really matter?

4.       Investment pieces – things like suit, jeans, jacket and shoes can last years if looked after properly. It might be wise to spend on quality items here rather than cheap as they may have a high return of investment. Keep a few statement pieces in your wardrobe for every occasion and supplement them with inexpensive trends.  

5.       Don’t overspend on basics – undergarments, plain tee, socks, handkerchief, slippers, and so on. There are many such things which absolutely need not be expensive. Avoid running after costly brands for everything that you wear and you can save some money to get what you like more instead.

6.       Know how to play with accessories – once you realise the subdued ability of accessories (and men’s jewellery), it’s totally possible to look good and stylish with less.

7.       Have awareness of good tailor shops – Some occasions, like the great Indian wedding, demand the kind of shopping that is sure to leave a hole in your pocket. It might be better to find a good tailor to work your exact needs (if you’re finicky about the design and not ready to splurge as well) and fit for such clothes instead of high-end stores. The price difference will usually be so much that you can fit your entire shopping requirement in it.

8.       Aim for a fit body – Last but not the least, pay attention to your health and physique. When you have a fit body, you don't need much and expensive clothes to look good. Even the classic combo of a jeans and t-shirt works effortlessly!