How To Look Like A Celebrity At The Workplace

"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players," Shakespeare's wise words (technically Jacques' dialogue but let's not get there) may not ring a bell now but when you walk in your plain plaid sleeves and ill-fitted pants on the floors of your office, you may not appreciate the stares and condescending looks. However, what if we tell you that those condescending stares could turn into bows of admiration? Who knows, you might even get a celebrity-like treatment. That's provided you invest your time in checking out what we have to offer in this style piece.  

Celebrity fashion is a business the clothing industry thrives on thanks to the constant demand. Well, who doesn't want to look like a celebrity on any given day? Perhaps you may not be blessed with their looks or panache but the one thing you can do to even remotely feel like a star is upgrade your wardrobe and learn from their styles. Sure, it seems like a task as there's a lot of time and money invested in finding the right attire and stuffing your cupboards with the essential fashion. However, it all becomes a piece of cake if your looks are inspired - not copied - from looks pulled off by celebrities. We ape their hairstyles and take their word on grooming so why not take some style picks from them? 

With that, you may proceed towards the pictures and check out what our style guru has to say about them: 

Monochromatic pantsuits with whimsical tees

How to dress like a celebrity Final 1.jpg

Don't fear being judged for standing out. Monochromatic pantsuits (not black or white, paint the town red!) with an apt t-shirt instead of a shirt could turn things around for you. 

But in case you're petrified of being singled out in the crowd, plain shirts would do the trick too. As long as you're venturing into trying out new shades from the palette.

How to dress like a celebrity Final 2.jpg

 Be done with plain banal styles and experiment! 

How to dress like a celebrity 1.JPG

Very important point to pay heed to. You must explore the plethora of colours fashion designers and celebrities swear by. Colours can also keep things professional so don't fret about it. 

White kicks will forever be in vogue

How to dress like a celebrity Final 4.jpg

Own a pair of Air Jordan kicks? Of course, you do! Anybody who has been paying even slight attention to what's new in the stores would notice the white sneakers that have become a rage. Even celebrities swear by it. Besides, clubbing it with formal wear can sound daunting but look dashing. 

But don't write off brogues or chappals

Hos to dress like a celebrity Final 3.jpg

Sneakers may be your safety net when creating an ensemble but don't write off brogues and chappals just yet. Mix it up! 

Give prints a chance! 

How to dress like a celebrity Final 5.jpg

Work-place can be dull at times. However, a good melange of colours and prints on clothes can liven up the workspace!  And, they make great looks for post-work-party sessions.