Summer Outfits For Men: Style Tips

Summer is soon approaching and can go to extreme lengths in some parts of the country. The priority at that moment changes from style to comfort and from layers to light, breezy outfits. Even though dressing up in the heat looks like a challenging task, there are many ways to get a comfortable and stylish summer look. If you haven’t spent your winter hibernating and ingesting halwas and other fattening winter delicacies, and are able to emerge out of the season in decent body shape, you are already one step ahead of a major chunk of men. If you fumbled up, it’s time to get active as lightweight and stylish summer clothes for men won’t give you an option to hide your paunch under several layers.

There’s a noticeable difference between a man who tries and a man who tries hard. Style is a personal thing, and when your clothes start reflecting your personality you don’t need to do much to stay on top of the game. To help you keep things natural, effortless and confident, we’ll browse you through some essentials, that never go out of style, to stock up on along with a few looks. Mix and match them in a way that suits you best, for a well turned up man is always able to get instant respect before he lets the charm of his demeanor take over from there.


  1. Polo shirts– seen those popular Lacoste and Ralph Lauren polo shirts? Well, they are one of the most versatile kinds of item you can have in your closet that looks classy and casual. However, choosing a well-fitted polo is essential to getting the right look and to avoid looking older than your age.
  2. Shorts– cargo, denim or flat front, whichever you choose just don’t forget this summer essential. They go well with both shirts and t-shirts and you can pair them with sneakers or boat shoes for an outdoor or casual look.
  3. White shirt– a crisp, cotton white shirt can never ever go out of style and can be worn on any occasion. It is so versatile that you can wear it with plain denims or chinos, loafers or sneakers or boat shoes and they will go with almost any color. Buy a well-fitted one without thinking twice!
  4. Suit– if you must wear a suit in the warm weather, make sure it has the fabric that doesn’t melt you away. Go with the likes of linen, cotton and seersucker that are lightweight and breathable. (Read here about suit styles, design and what to look for before buying)

    summer outfts for men
    (from left to right) Polo shirt, cargo shorts, white shirt with mandarin collar, cotton suit
  1. Sunglasses – no matter what people say, sunglasses are so important to protect the eyes from the strong UV rays that come with the summer. Not that they are not needed the other times of the year, it’s just that the strong intensity of the summer rays is especially effective in giving headaches. So buy a pair that can block UV rays, and pay attention because many expensive ones will sadly only offer a designer tag and not this basic feature.
  2. Ripped jeans– if you’re a jeans lover then you must get one with several small windows suitable for the hot weather! Ripped jeans look really stylish if paired with a right tee and shoes or flip-flops and can provide you the entire coolness quotient you will need. And for humanity’s sake, don’t let your briefs show themselves even if they have a CK logo all around.
  3. Chinos – the cooler and lighter alternative to jeans, chinos can be worked in formal, casual or any kind of setting. Choose a solid color, or go with the classic beige and blue to get the look right. Wear them like a more casual alternative to pants as they go equally well with both shirts and t-shirts.
  4. Plimsolls – a flip-flop is a great summer accessory but isn’t suitable for every occasion. Slip on plimsolls is considered as a must-have by many fashion veterans and they certainly deserve this respect. Do buy a pair of invisible socks to go with them. Read here about the four most essential shoes in a man’s wardrobe. 
summer outfits ideas fashion tips
(from left to right) Sunglasses, ripped jeans, chinos, plimsolls
  1. Hair– choose a ‘low maintenance’ look that gives you a casual appearance and a lesser need to slather products on top. The close crop cut is ideal for summer, and keep your hair slick and sharp, as said by top hair grooming expert of the country Adhuna Akhtar. When it comes to facial hair, keep the beard neatly trimmed as Indian summer can make it really sweaty and itchy and the last thing you need is beardruff! Read here to know how to maintain a lustrous beard.
  2. Cologne– all the above would be meaningless if along with all the good vibes come a foul odor.  Nothing turns off a woman, or any person, more than having to experience BO. Make sure to get some deodorants or perfumes with fresh, aquatic or citrusy notes. Read here more about perfumes to match your sense of style.

When every man you see is roaming around in a tee and shorts, your accessories are what will set you apart. Adding a cotton coat, hat/cap, watch and a belt will help you add more to your appearance with minimum efforts. Check out below a few looks that best display summer fashion for some inspiration. To know about what accessories you may add to your collection for an effortlessly stylish look, read here.

summer outfits ideas style fashion tips
Include a belt, watch, cap or prints in your outfit to increase the coolness quotient


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