Face Fat : Causes and Fat Loss


Face fat is a common issue among people who have a poor diet with no physical activity. It usually causes a fair degree of self-consciousness, but it can be tackled. Read about the exercises and diet to help with face fat loss below. Till you achieve your goal, you can try having a haircut that takes the focus away from the volume of the face and brings that to the hair. If you believe you have an active lifestyle, eat healthy but are still seeing face fat, it is worth getting yourself checked for hypothyroidism.


Face fat is usually caused by an overall fat gain in the body due to poor diet and lack of exercise. It can sometimes be due to genetics or hormonal changes too but some lifestyle changes can help you easily manage extra fat deposits on face and around jawline and neck. Gradual deposits of fat around face can cause the appearance a full round face and a double chin. Though face fat will start showing up when one gains weight, sometimes people with a family history of face fat can also develop it.


Weight loss can change the whole appearance of a person’s face. The results won’t be quick, and you can not target the fat of an area to work on, so focus on overall body fat loss.

  1. Facial exercises are known to improve muscle strength which helps in keeping fat away and also makes the face sag slowly due to aging. There is no proof these exercises will help lose face fat in particular, and will not let you carve out a chiseled face as that depends a lot on your anatomy, but they will give some temporary tightening effect.
    Some popular facial exercises are – 

    • Puffing out the cheeks and pushing air from side to side
    • Holding a smile while clenching your teeth for a few seconds.
    • Fish face exercise. Suck in your cheeks so that lips pucker and hold for 10-15 secs and do this for a minute.
    • Lion’s yawn exercise. Sit straight and open your mouth to let the tongue out as much as possible. You should feel the stretch around your chin, jaw and neck. Hold the position for 10 secs and do for 1 minute.
    • Rotating the head. Tilt the head towards the front, then at the back, then left then right. Start doing this clockwise and anti-clockwise and make circles with the head in a slow controlled manner.
    • If you spend too much time looking down due to work or cell phone addiction, sit straight and look up towards the ceiling. Then purse lips as if whistling, hold for 10 secs and release. You should feel the stretch around your neck. Do it for a minute twice a day.
  2. Include cardio in your daily routine. Cardio is known to promote fat burning and fat loss, and as mentioned above, it is important to target body fat for reducing face fat, so try to go for a run, swim or walk for at least 10-15 mins everyday. This will surely show you some result within a few weeks. If you are aggressive about your fat loss goals, do HIIT.
  3. Chewing gum is known to be a small exercise for the jaw and may help people looking to get rid of double chin.


Apart from exercising, you need to have a healthy diet with a calorie deficit to help in fat loss. This is not equal to not eating at all as that drops metabolism and makes it even harder to lose weight.

  1. Avoid refined sugar. Sugar is well-known to be a food item that causes weight gain and various harmful effects in the body. When trying to lose, sugar is the first thing that needs to go away.
  2. Drink more water. Apart from its wonderful hydration benefits, water keeps you full and may help you in eating less. This will help you in fat loss over time. Also when body is dehydrated it starts retaining more water which causes a bloated appearance and may be causing a puffy face.
  3. Limit alcohol. Alcohol is high in calories and causes fat gain and bloating if consumed regularly.
  4. Avoid refined carbs like cookies, breads, etc and include more complex carbs like whole grains, vegetables in diet. Due to the way they react with the body, it is easy to overeat refined carbs, and offering no real nutrition they only lead to weight gain.
  5. Limit salt intake. Sodium can cause water retention which can give a puffy and bloated appearance.


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