Beginner Tips For Joining The Gym

So you are roused and motivated to follow the new year resolution of getting fit, let’s make it close to possible this year unlike the yester year. Now that you already know going to gym and training would make your life healthier, you are quite clueless about what to expect and what to do. Entering the gym with zero idea, half motivation and no plan is a recipe for disappointment. And it can be intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with the environment, as it may lead to discouraging visits taking you back to the square one.
However, starting a gym routine can work wonders for your mind and body. We’ve got your back and in this piece we go through the basic gym workout tips for beginners for just overall fitness thus helping you make the right decisions that otherwise can lead you to getting distracted in a pool of dwarfing bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts or gym worshipers.


Expect large mirrored walls when you enter the strength room (sometimes cardio). No they’re not just for checking your hair or your gym outfits, these mirrors help you check form and posture while exercising. They are also helpful in concentrating on the working muscle groups during pull and push movements or other contractions.


Don’t be alarmed by the loud weird noises. Anyone trying to complete those last couple of reps or lifting a heavy weight makes natural noises of stress or strain. Just don’t try when you’re lifting light to just fit in. You’ll get your call when the weights demand!


Believe it or not, one of the best things about a gym is no one cares how you look, walk or sound you’re making. Everyone is busy engineering their body to their desired results. Every set matters and they all go a long way in developing your body. If someone actually does care, they are clearly not bothered about their own training. Just be yourself and reap the benefits of Iron-god.


Every pro has been a beginner. And it’s natural to not know things and learn slowly. No one expects you to squat 100 kgs right away. The body needs enough conditioning, acclimatizing and strength to lift heavy. Focus on getting your basics right and foundation strong. Often baby steps are the best way forward.


The temptation for attempting things on the gym floor is high, especially due to the fancy machines and equipment. Being a beginner, there’s a high chance of getting the form wrong. Don’t be afraid to seek help and ask for any doubts regarding the functioning of machines or posture while exercising. Remember safety first.


It is normal to feel tired and exhausted after few sessions at the gym. Make sure you stretch and rest post your training sessions. To get you going for the forthcoming sessions it is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet, comprised of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. They not only reduce inflammation but also helping in repairing the micro trauma caused during lifting weights.


Everyone has a different reason to join the gym. Looking fit and feeling heathier are the main by-products of the gymnasium which is caused due to reduced fat, lean muscle gains and increased strength. No matter what your goals are, seeing changes takes time. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, a body takes time to build, undoing all the previous physiological damages. Seeing progress in your routine will take dedication, hard work and consistency but in the end its all worth it.


  1. Always rack the weights back, be it dumbbells or barbells. It is disrespectful for the next user to replace your used weights.
  2. It’s nice to bring along a towel and wipe off your sweat from benches or any equipment you use thus showing regard to others.
  3. If you have someone waiting to use the machine or equipment, be willing to share it or work between the sets with them. And avoid resting for extending periods of time.
  4. Lastly, avoid loud phone conversations on the gym floor. If important, please step out and take the call to avoid distracting others.


  1. It’s tempting to lift heavy looking at the other’ guy on the floor. FORM. POSTURE are sacred on the gym floor. Perform any exercise wrong and all you get is PAIN. INJURY.
  2. Getting comfortable and loving it is not good when it comes to training. People for years, lift the same weight. The body is used to the weight and they don’t see any further results. If you can do any exercise for more than 20 reps, its time you increase the weight.
  3. If you’re a cardio person, you might probably think performing the exercise faster will burn more fat and fetch faster results. Performing an exercise faster will not only invite injuries but also reduce the efficiency of that movement. Due to haphazard actions, the muscle recruitment is low and the tension felt is less thus making your session futile.
  4. Rest time can make or break your next set. Too much elevates lethargy and too less ensures less recovered efforts. The recommended rest time for beginners is 30-90 seconds.


As a beginner in the gym, it is imperative to learn the following fundamental movements and incorporate them as a full body workout for 4-6 weeks giving you enough time to master the form and technique and build elementary strength.

Leg work: Back Squat, front squat, lunges, step-up and box squat.
Hip Hinge: Deadlifts, sumo or conventional.

Pushing exercises: Bench press variations, Dumbbell press, push-ups, shoulder press and military press.

Pulling variations: Barbell rows, seated rows, pull-ups, chin-up’s and single-arm rows.

Just incorporating these movements in your weekly calendar will pave way for amazing results. From beginner to an advanced athlete, these are the main functional movements of the strength room. Being compound movements, these exercises recruit maximum muscle and allow more load carriage. Be it fat loss or lean gains, these movements burn highest calories and provide stimulus to build stronger leaner muscles.

Every exercise needs to be performed in sets of 3 for 12-15 reps.

Sample workout plan A 
Back squat
Flat Bench 3 sets
Seated Cable rows
Shoulder press, 3 sets
Triceps pushdown

Sample workout plan B
Front squat
Incline Bench
Standing dumbbell rows
Military press
Bicep curls

Sample workout plan C
Forward lunges
Decline bench
Push press
Hammer curls

Your body is like a car engine. Just like the car requires regular maintenance to function optimally, our body needs the same, failing which it breaks down eventually. But there is always a scope to buy a new car, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the body is a vehicle for a lifetime which cannot be replaced in whole! So train regularly and mindfully.

All the best!

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