Easy Loving Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s day, which falls on the third Sunday of June each year, is an underplayed celebration of the paternal bond that every child cherishes. No matter how old, independent or successful we become, we still look up to our fathers for support and guidance. Although that wise man, who always did everything in his power to comfort us, does not need a particular occasion to be revered, it’s just good to have a day where we can be expressive about our love towards him without feeling shy.

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In India, even though this day is mostly celebrated in big cities without much ado, it is catching up and comes with many special activities to celebrate in some areas. Below are a few father’s day activity ideas on what you can do to make the most remarkable gentleman of your life feel special this father’s day.


  1. Gifts– you can be of any age and have a budget of any size to find something that he likes. Whether it is a watch, cufflinks, tie, perfume, gadget, vintage wine, book, or just anything, make him feel cared for by gifting him his favorite thing. Somethings can be customized too, which will make them all the more special. He’ll just be happy that someone remembered him, instead of being finicky about the present.
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  2. Take him for a trip– who doesn’t like to go on a holiday, and maybe amidst fulfilling all his duties your father doesn’t get time to take off that often. Take him out this weekend to a kind of place he’d enjoy and take your bond with him to the next level by talking things out with him about your life and his’. He’ll be having a lot of stories to share and we’re sure you will find a good friend in him. Or just have a day out and take him out to a science museum, beer tasting session, historical place, whatever he enjoys.
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  3. Write him emotional/fun stuff or make cards– the mushy type handwritten card with a message never really goes out of style. You may think it’s for girls, and even your father may not show much in front of you, but reading it will surely bring a smile to his face with a gush of memories, and he may secretly safely store it forever. So, if you or your father are of the creative type, give it a try. It doesn’t have to be flowery and colorful, but just emotional. If writing is not your thing, try a collage of pictures or video.

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    Creative options for expressing through writing. (Image source: thegirlcreative.com (left), uncommongoods.com (right))
  4. Go out for a meal– a buffet with family perhaps, spending hours together chatting, laughing and burping your bellies out. This is in fact an all-season, all-occasion idea for everybody!
  5. Gift memberships– if you want to mark the day by doing something for your father that will practically help him or make his life better, gift him a membership of an activity that he enjoys. It could be swimming, gym, book club, online course or any other hobby class or sport.
  6. Go self-indulging – take him out for shopping, massage, a salon session, etc. to pamper him like a child. His responsible demeanor may make you believe he’s not into it, but secretly who doesn’t want a bit of indulgence, at least once a year?


A lot of countries celebrate Father’s day at different times of the year, and may be you can take an idea or two from them about what you would like to do.

  1. Brazil – celebrated in August, families gather together for a meal and churrascos.
  2. Sweden – celebrated in November, fathers get traditional breakfast in bed and gifts.
  3. Germany – on the 40th day of Easter, German men celebrate Father’s day by organizing group hikes and other gatherings well supplied with beer and food. 
  4. South Africa – usually involves fishing trips together to prepare for a family dinner.
  5. Mexico – the day of the father is celebrated by fathers taking part in a 21kms race!

We hope you don’t let the occasion go bare. Many of us might not be used to showing affection in a corporeal manner, but it does make the person on the receiving end smile. Think about everything your father has given you for all these years, and express gratitude to him for a day.

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