How To Tie A Tie

A tie is a piece of garment that always finds its way in the wardrobe of a well-dressed man. It demonstrates professionalism, authority and the desire to look well-dressed. While there are readymade clipon ties available in the market, some people still choose to buy their own ties and tie them as they are particular about the fabric, color or print of the tie and understand how it should go with the attire, an option that you may or not always get in readymade ties.

There are several ways for which you can tie or knot a tie piece. From very fancy styles like Trinity and Eldredge to simpler ones like Oriental, Windsors and Bow-tie that you most likely will use the most, we will cover the latter category in this post. As a general rule, the tie length should stop at waistline or at the level of trousers, unless of course it’s a Bow-Tie, and should accompany a closed collar button for formal settings. So, let’s get started with the four popular tie knot designs with videos to make it easy to follow – the Full/Double Winsdor, Half-Winsdor, Oriental/Simple and the Bow-Tie.

easy tie styles to tie

How To Tie A Half-Windsor Knot

A Half-Windsor is the most popular knot style in use around the world. It is symmetrical, medium-sized and works for all professional and casual events. It can be detangled at the end of the day with just a pull, and is suitable to wear when you are not trying to make the tie a prominent part of the look as much as the Full-Windsor knot but still care about it being well put. Below is a video that shows how to tie a Half-Windsor tie step by step. Start by having the thicker edge of the tie 4-5 inches lower then the thinner edge.


How To Tie A Full-Windsor Knot

The Duke of Windsor used to sport a thick triangular style of knot that later got popular by the name of Full-Windsor knot. It has a full, firm and noticeable appearance and has been imitated by leaders, presidents and common men alike. Just like an English suit, this legacy style from British is also considered a powerful statement when worn correctly. It is suitable for shirts with wide collars and uses significant tie length so the tie for it comes in a length longer than a conventional tie. Being thick by the way it is put together, thick fabric materials are not suitable for a Full-Windsor knot and silk ties should be considered. Also, due to such prominent appearance of this style of knot, bright colors and loud patterns should be avoided. Below is a video (someone worked hard to translate the video in Hindi!) to show how you can tie a Full-Windsor knot step by step. Start by having the thicker edge of the tie 4-5 inches lower then the thinner edge.


How To Tie A Simple/Oriental Knot

As the name suggests, this is an easy knot and is therefore a very popular style. It features an asymmetrical knot that can be made small and compact by pulling tight and is therefore good for thick neckties that can otherwise result in a bulky knot. This style is also tangled by the way it is put together and can’t be loosened up with just a pull. It is good enough for casual and laid back occasions, however, it is not the most good-looking one out there and should be avoided if you are trying to pull a sharp formal look. The video below shows how you can tie a simple knot step by step. Start by having the thicker edge of the tie 2-3 inches lower then the thinner edge.


How To Tie A Bow-Tie

A Bow-Tie is an integral part of a black-tie or formal evening. You may choose to buy readymade clip on Bow-Ties and while that is a perfectly fine option, it doesn’t give you the freedom sometimes to rock your favorite print or pattern. Individuality is something some people take very seriously and for them who choose patterns they feel represent them best, buying a Bow-Tie and tying it themselves is what works. It isn’t something complicated, but would just need you to buy a separate kind of a tie. Below is a video on how to tie a Bow-Tie step by step to make it easy to understand.

For final thoughts, wear a Full-Winsdor knot for special events, and keep a Half-Winsdor or Oriental for dailywear. A Bow-Tie, as we know demands a fancy event where you need to dress up. Learning how to properly tie a tie is definitely not one of the hard things of life, so make sure you practice a few times and let this simple detail make you stand out. Not everyone will notice, but those who do will appreciate your taste!


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