How To Remove Holi Color

Holi is a much celebrated day in India and brings together families and friends for a day of celebration and frolicking. This most colorful festival however can often leave stains on the skin that last for days. The unfortunate part is that most of these colors available in the market can have several harmful ingredients in them, and if you couldn’t avoid having them on you in the first place, then you should at least try to get them out as soon as possible. Playing with natural and herbal colors is the best option, but they are not accessible and inexpensive in stores everywhere which is sad because they are so easy to make otherwise at home. Here’s how you can prevent and remove Holi color from your face, hair and body.

To begin with, keep in mind some precautions before stepping out for Holi.

  1. Wear sunglasses as that will prevent the colors from running into the eyes where they can cause irritation. 
  2. Cover yourself with full clothes as much as possible to prevent minimum skin stain. Make sure to cover injuries or wounds.
  3. Try to use as much natural color as possible.
  4. Apply a layer of oil or cold cream on the exposed skin of face and body to avoid colors from directly staining the skin and make the removal process easy.
  5. Apply oil on hair and scalp as well. Or you can wear a cap. (Read here about how to choose a cap to suit your style)
  6. Play with cold water (or lukewarm) as hot water can make color seep into the skin more.


If you did the things you should have done before stepping out, the removal is probably as easy as taking a bath for you without any allergic reaction to the skin. If not, however, read below – 

How to remove Holi color from face and body

  1. Gulal is best removed by first dusting of with dry hands or towel as it can stick more with water. For what is left on the skin, do not try to scrub the skin hard in hopes of getting the color out. This is counterproductive and can inflame skin. Rather, wash it with your face wash or mild soap and moisturize well after. Do this religiously twice a day for next 3-4 days.
  2. You can use a mild face scrub of 1/2 tsp lemon and 1 tsp besan and slightly diluted with water/rosewater everyday for 2-3 mins to speed up the process. Use this scrub for the body too.
  3. If you feel irritation or itching on face due to colors, apply a mixture of 2 tsp yogurt and 1/2 tsp honey for 10 minutes. Applying Glycerine for 10 mins is also effective for soothing the skin.

How to remove Holi color from hair

  1. For hair, start with a thorough rinse with cold water (you can add a lemon or 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar for additional cleansing benefits if you used strong colors) to get the excess color out and follow with a shampoo.
  2. The next day, you can do some hot oil massage or choose to go with a hair mask of yogurt or egg for some conditioning and then shampooing after 30 mins. Some scalp nourishment is needed if too much color got into the hair, so try not to skip the conditioning part for next 1-2 washes.

How to remove Holi color from nails

  1. Massage you nails and nearby area with coconut oil for 5 mins and then wipe off with a cotton ball.
  2. Rub a slice of lemon around the nails and cuticles to speed up the color removal.

Play safe! Play smart!



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