How To Stay Fit On Vacations

It takes blood, sweat and tears of rock hard dedication and commitment to build a body like that of Dwayne Johnson. The Rock carries 40,000 pounds of gym setup everywhere he goes to stay fit while traveling and it is undoubtedly reflected in his chiseled physique. Obviously, we, normal mortals cannot replicate this to sustain the shape game! However, there are several guidelines that you can align by to avert much damage to your fitness
regimen. (Read how to get back in shape after a long break)

Though vacations are much looked forward to, taking a break from working out can be a bit daunting. The fear of losing all the gains and more importantly growing weak coming back from a vacay is further demotivating. Fitness is a part of life and not the other way around. Striking a balance between training and life is an art and those who sustain it with consistency reap the healthy benefits.

fitness tips while traveling


Book Your Stay In A Hotel Which Has A Fitness Facility

This is really basic but planning ahead is an important factor in ensuring your continued fitness journey. Mapping them out beforehand considering what facilities you have at your disposal will give you things to plan. Today, many hotels offer gyms and fitness centers, in fact, some go ahead and rival the best of commercial setups. With the fitness industry strongly leaning towards boutique fitness, the chances of your hotel having a fitness studio is very high.

Body Weight Exercises

Yoga practitioners as well those who choose TABATA as the medium to attain fitness find it all the more comforting to try it at new places without any hassle. But, If you’re one of those who still prefers the muscle pump over heart racing, a good full body circuit program should do you the bit. Push-ups and dips are a good compound exercise working your Chest, shoulders and triceps. To recreate the heavy bench press experience, you can try the weighted push-ups with your partner/friend on your back for a challenging session. Body weight Lunges and Squats are good for core and leg activation. Throw in a few sets of planks to work your abdominals as a finisher and it all can be done under 15 mins, which we are sure everyone can spare.

If it still doesn’t quench your thirst for pumps, look for a gym around. One of the benefits of vacation is exploring a different place, and what better thing to do than exploring a gym in a new area! It’s fun to check out what other places offer in the fitness facility and working out in a new setup is all the more refreshing.

Use The Swimming Pool

If you are an ardent devotee of the iron paradise, there are good chances of you putting the cardio training on backbench. Now is the time to get your body a bit of it, remembering the importance of cardio training in your overall fitness development. Swimming, also from being fun adds a great shock to your cardiovascular training. Apart from involving all the muscles of your body, it elevates your heart rate for the continuous period giving an all-round training session. Harder kicks and longer strokes will further work your big muscles and create good tension in your core.

A Run

Needless to say, running doesn’t need any fancy equipment and just a pair of trainers will help you get a good session. Moreover, a morning/evening outdoor run during your vacation lets you visit the unplanned places that weren’t a part of your itinerary. Furthermore, it lets you devour the beauty of the location undistributed by cameras and incessant partner conversations. It also helps you reflect on the beautiful offerings of the place further enriching your vacation experience.

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If you enjoy your cardiovascular even more, carrying a skipping rope with you can add a bit of a variation. It’s extremely portable and provides great cardio-respiratory benefits.
Skipping works on the elasticity of leg muscle group helping you reduce the injuries.
Apart from the injury prevention, it helps to improve your coordination and cognitive function.


Relieving the childhood is an amazing feeling. With more work and less time today, we find it difficult to play our favorite sport growing up. Vacation is a good time to play your sport again. A group of friends or family members can always play the favorite Indian Sport Cricket or if you like a bit of action Football and Volleyball is fun too without needing much of paraphernalia. The idea is to engage in an activity rather than being sedentary. This culminates into a great vacation time also offering sweat and body movement.


Travelling and vacation from a busy routine also calls for relaxation. And when we say relaxation, massage beats everyone and everything! A deep tissue or Swedish massage helps alleviate the muscle pain from your long flights, hectic work schedule, regular heavy lifting or tough running sessions. All the muscle soreness and the countless knots in your body need to be addressed to help you improve your performance. Remember body needs rest and recovery is one of the powerful tools in maintaining your gains and improving body composition.


A few days of active rest from the box won’t significantly affect your strength. More than the body output, the nutrition input plays a strong role when you’re off from regular training. Make sure you are aware and tracking your macros going in, protein, carbs and fats. An optimum supply of protein is recommended if you carry good muscle mass to avoid atrophy due to inactivity. It’s always good if you carry your protein shakes and multivitamin supplements on a vacation. It is hard to draw line and escape from indulging in the local food and other delicacies when on a vacation. Make sure you indulge but do not go overboard. The single-hearted ones will always find the reason to stay under control though!

Being aware, planning ahead and discipline can always make the vacation enjoyable without having to fret much about changes in the body composition. As challenging it is for the body to gain muscle and lose fat, the body doesn’t undo all the months and years of hard earned transformation in a week. It takes strenuous efforts to lose it all through hormone shifting and metabolism disaster. If you’re one of those who lacks self-discipline and always need someone to keep you on track, traveling with a workout partner or a fitness friend will keep you in your lane. With the likes of smartwatch and the many fitness apps in this day and age, it’s easy to track the steps and motivate yourself to start walking if you’ve been too sedentary. Don’t forget to get in shape before you plan your next vacation and the body will maintain it when you are on it!

Staying in a hostel or airbnb? Make your own nutritious meal (at least breakfast is feasible) at a low cost! New to a city? Sign up for free walking tours! From exploring the city or museums or markets, walking tours cover an exciting gamut of activities. Many places which are small enough, like islands, offer bicycles on rent. Peddle around happily around the place while your health is being taken care of! Remember, adapt your routine to the environment and not the other way around!


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