11 Best Hairstyles For Indian Men (2019)

Indian men are known world over for their attractive skin tone and charming features. To add to the appeal, one only needs a suitable hairstyle that matches their face cut, profession and personality. We personally believe that hairstyles shouldn’t be complicated, and as a man if it needs more than 10 mins to set, then it is not worth having except for some special occasions. Below are our recommendations for hairstyles for Indian boys that are easy to get and maintain and will specially suit you if you are in your 20s or early 30s.

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  1. Pompadourboys hairstyles

A pompadour comes in all sizes. If you want it to suit your everyday look and need less maintenance, keep it short and don’t go for pompadours with long hair length. Make it slightly faded around the edges with a light mustache so that it gives you that boy-man, casual-serious, sexy look. The pompadour works well for almost all face types with non-wavy hair.

  1. Short Fringed Crew Cut
    boys hairstyles

A simple hairstyle to get with short hair for an edgy and stylish look. This hairstyle gives a youthful look and also helps in hiding the receding hairline because of those forward leaning spikes. Such close cuts work best with square faces.

  1. Buzz Cut
    popular haircut buzz cut

The safest you can play when it comes to easy hairstyles for Indian boys is a buzz cut. This is a sharp and easy look and will fit most professional and academic settings. This suit most face cuts, though it will specially look good on men with a structured jawline.

  1. Faded Side Parting
    virat kohli hair beard style

The classic side parting haircut with a twist. If you want to keep the look professional but not boring, then this hairstyle is for you. Just fade the side with less volume of hair, and to balance out pull the longer hair to the other side. Keep it with a beard to look as good as the photo above.

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  1. Ivy League Curls
    curly hairstyles for men

The classic haircut if you have wavy or curly hair, this hairstyle just needs a simple back comb and you are good to go. The reason it is a good hairstyle for Indian men is that not only is it very easy to maintain, but it also helps you play safe in a society where most experimental cuts are looked down upon.

  1. Classic Slick Back
    popular hairstyles for men

Giving you a soft and mature look, this cut is a mix of class, professionalism and some masculine sauce. More suitable for working men, a classic and simple slick back held in place together with a gel is one of the best hairstyles for Indian men.

  1. Straight Long Hair
    popular long hairstyles for men

If you have medium length straight, silky hair, this hairstyle could be for you. It has long remain popular among Indian boys for the innocent look it provides. This haircut specially suits with oval or diamond face shapes with a chiseled jawline. Just let your hair flow loose, and not stuck together in a pointed straight manner with a gel.

  1. Clean Side-Parting
    popular haircuts for indian men

The good boy Indian look, your hairstyle can probably not get any more decent than this to suit everyone’s preferences. Just neatly side part you hair and set them with a gel so they give you the intended look throughout the day.

  1. Side Fringes
    popular long hairstyles for men

If you have medium length hair, then you may have at some point sported this look, which is simply letting the hair lose and using your fingers to set them to one side.

  1. Voluminous Center-Parting
    hairstyles for indian boys

For short length and fluffy bouncy hair with a little extra length at the front, a center parting goes really well, especially for professional occasions. It’s easy to get, needs no hair gels as the idea is to make hair fresh and bouncy.

  1. Man Bun


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Indian men, with their warm skintone and dark hair are especially suited for man buns with long hair, but only if you know how to do it properly in a manner that suits your face and physique. And personality. Not everyone can rock this look, and you’ll most likely know it when you try it.


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