15 Most Popular Long Hairstyles For Men (2019)

Hairstyles for men with long hair come in all types of desired looks and can you make you look edgy, nerdy, elegant, badass, creative and what not. These styles often need a fair bit of maintenance that comes with having long hair, like making sure hair is not frizzy, they don’t have dandruff and do not have split ends (Check out the haircare tips for hot and humid days). They would often need styling products as well, as unlike women, you can’t have long hair coming on your face. No matter what the style is whether they are brushed to the sides or back, they’d need to be held there with some gel. Having said that, not everyone can carry long hair nicely, but those who do it certainly grab attention. Below is a list of long hairstyle ideas for men (with a focus on long hairstyles for Indian men).

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  1. Wavy Messy Side Parting


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This hair style is for men who love to keep it simple, with their natural loose messy waves all brushed to the side.

  1. Thin, Long Side Parted Hair

Reminiscent of a few characters in Harry Potter, this style is elegant and relatively easy to maintain. Just use a good anti frizz product.

  1. Smooth Side Parted Hair


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For those who have silky smooth hair, this is an easy hairstyle to carry. It’s just like the normal slick; only with a side part such that the hair on one side is denser than that on the other. And you could slap a beard on it, if you are so inclined.

  1.  Short Ponytail

    Brushed back and tied, this look is all about showing you know how to neatly manage your long hair.

  2. Man Bun


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Another sensational style, Keep your hair easy and loose and simply roll up in a messy bun when you want to either look really hot, be very comfortable or achieve both.

  1. Loose Ponytail
    long hairstyles for men

This is how to look like a rugged but perfect gentleman with a lot of class and little time to waste doing nothing. You could add some color to it or let it be. Either way, you’d still look perfect. 

  1. Long Back Slick

Just like the shorter slicks, the long back always make you look elite. It makes you to stand out within your circle. 

  1. Long Side Fringe

If you can stand having hair on the right side of your face – and looking like a handsome character from a Harlequin novel, then this hairstyle is for you.

  1. Pompadour

As a gentleman, you can keep it simple with a pompadour and some length at the back. This style will take some maintenance though due to that long length. 

  1. Loose Long Waves


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For a low maintenance look, leave your hair loose and flowing. You can use a little bit of hair product to keep the hair frizz free or too much from flying.

  1. Long Wet Waves

Whether your hair is as long as this or not, good styling and of course some wet sheen and facial hair will give you the bad boy look.

  1. Back Slicks

Jason Mamoa aka Khal Drogo’s signature style makes you look like a legend. This hair style is for men who love to keep it simple, with thick waves all brushed to the back and beard. This is also one of the most popular long hairstyles for Indian men.

  1. Dreadlocks

For those who dare to, dreadlocks is a Marley-inspired look which hasn’t gone out of fashion yet. You could add some color to give it the 21st century style. 

  1.  Tight Curly Fringe

Hello, young boy! Just like the regular fringed styles but only a bit tighter and close-cut.

  1. High Faded Sides and Slick Long Top


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Leave some length in the middle to pull back and give a high fade around the sides. You could hold up in a nut or just let it droop over your hair.


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