8 Best Dress Ideas For Eid (2019)

The festival of Eid, that is celebrated twice an year, brings together the spirit of brotherhood among a community and a joy of partaking in gracious meals for others. The festival’s celebrations still includes a very traditional display of clothes, unlike some other cultures where fusion outfits have found their buyers. Though kurta is the dominant choice of outfit among men of all ages, there can be various design choices within that to satisfy all style cravings. Below is our list of 8 kurta designs for Eid that men can wear. 
dress ideas for eid for men

Kurta Designs For Eid For Men

  1. Chickenkari Kurta

    eid kurta for men

Chickenkari or Lucknow embroidery is an elegant style of threadwork all traditionally done by hand on various types of fabrics. It is a good choice for those who want something plain, but then not too plain as well. Bases on the fabric and the amount of embroidery, these kurtas can get pretty costly.

  1. Pathani Kurta

    pathani kurta eid dress for men

Famous for making Eid appearances in front of his house for his fans, in a country as complicated as ours, SRK wears his religious identity on his sleeve, in a good way. The simple white Pathani kurta here shows you how to be a debonair without even trying. 

  1. Sherwani Kurta

    sherwani eid dress men

Again taking a cue from SRK, you can choose a Sherwani kurta for the festival if your celebrations are going to be big with a lot of guests and a simple kurta will not do justice to the occasion.

  1. White Salwar Kameez

    eid salwar kameez men

The basic that can not go wrong, is a plain salwar kameez. Though white is the preferred color of choice among most people for it represents purity, green and brown are other choices that have a good significance in Islam.

  1. Kurta with Waist Coat

    eid kurta ideas men

A waist coat adds style and variety to an outfit. It will look good on your other social occasions too after the festival, so if you have to pick just one, go for this multi-purpose style. You can wear the kurta without the coat, and also use the coat separately with jeans and shirt, almost giving you three outfits at the cost of onc.

  1. Plain Kurta with Stole

    eid clothes for men

Known as kufiya, these square cotton scarfs usually with a check pattern are mostly worn by Arabic men. Men identifying with the religion around the world, however, wear it and it instantly becomes a symbol of their religious identity that everyone recognizes. Mostly popular among older men, you can try a kufiya too if you feel the kurta is too plain.

  1. Printed Salwar Kameez


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Add some modern touch and choose a printed salwar kameez to break away from the monotony of traditional outfits in plain solid colors. Not only will they make you look young and joyful, but will also make you really stand out when you go for the group prayer.

  1. Afghani Kurta

    afghani kurta eid dress for men

Coming from the land of rugged terrain, this style also lends a very masculine look. It is a simple kurta with little variation in design and embroidery, but it will still make you look good and different from the crowd in an easy manner.  

Footwear With Kurtas

leather sandals for men
Leather Sandals
Tassle Loafers

You can wear all the above salwar kameez styles with leather sandals, slippers or oxfords. Go for a footwear in brown or black and they should match all outfits. 

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