How to Accessorize Men’s Wedding Wear

Men’s Indian wedding accessories are becoming only a larger field to embrace. The use of jeweled accents, turbans, shawls & stoles especially for the Indian wear section is far and wide to choose from. Available now easily from many stores and online, fashion stores are all well open to the fact that the Indian man is not one to be out shined by the fairer sex. Whether you choose to wear an ethnic dress or a western suit, there’s always scope for refining the look further with right accessories. (Check out : Wedding Wear For Men)


One of the easiest ways to accessorize is to drape even a plain kurta set with a nice stole or shawl. Be brave and pick from your family heritage wardrobes. Gone are the days when men would only wear a crushed tissue stole or a black/grey woolen shawl. Bring out traditional textiles with embroideries, colors, the ethnic jamevaars and pashminas and drape them across your outfit to make a statement. The length and the format of drape is what makes it more exciting so experiment with that as well.

When wearing Nehru jackets do add your personal touch by wearing a jeweled pin or a pocket square to up the game. If you’re brave and like the earrings, add those on and surely the royal heads will turn to your sartorial look.

Shoes.. don’t think you only need to pick up the mojris or sandals anymore with your Indian wear. Combine your look with the classic brogues and interesting lace-ups to make the look contemporary and get more out of your office formals in the closet.

Jeweled accents like necklaces and rings are on point to get your look going. Taking cues from royal wedding fashion wear, men are taking their jeweled game up more and more. See any look-book from Sabyasachi to Manyavar Design Houses and men are wearing more jeweled accents than ever and string of pearls, jeweled buttons, or even some accents with kundan are must haves now in your wedding look. Try hopping into your better half’s or mum’s closet and pick something simple and bling up the look.


Although it’s always good to wear ethnic clothes for an Indian wedding, sometimes we do want to keep it formal for weddings we are not deeply involved with. This is where the need comes in to play with that outfit a bit to differentiate it from your professional attire. Have fun with colors and accessories!

When it comes to the classic suit for a man, the accessories game changes substantially. The accents come more with your ties, bow ties, cuff links, lapel pins, dress shoes, tiepins and pocket squares. If you’re adventurous then the choice of scarves and dressy waistcoat are good eye catchers.

For those who are using the bows, ties and pocket squares its all about the colors and prints and how they accentuate the overall suit and shirt combination. Be brave, have fun and don’t always stick to solids. When in a hurry and you need that little quick touch, get some of the floral lapel pins, available now in a variety of textiles and combinations to just add that quick touch.

In terms of shoes, men have never been spoilt so much for choice. Always ensure that your closet has the staple black and tan moccasins and brogues. Enjoy some of the great velvet tassel and embroidered slippers available nowadays and get everyone looking at you from head to toe.

Time to shine on!

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This post has been written in collaboration with blogger Subhashish Mandal.


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