15 Most Popular Haircuts For Men (2019)

Some hairstyles never go out of style and will look good no matter what season or age. Below is a list of 15 most popular hairstyles for men (with a focus on popular haircuts for Indian men) that you can adopt if you want to play safe and don’t want to fall for trendy looks that will make you cringe at your old pics down the line. While they will make you look good, just make sure you are taking care of your hair and not letting them go dry and rough. Let us know your favorite!

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  1. Buzz Cut

    popular haircut buzz cut

Buzz cut has passed the test of time to remain one of the simplest haircut for men who want almost no maintenance to do. Good for office, good for college, good for holidays, this haircut gives you one less thing to worry about.

  1. Buzz with high undercut + spiky top

    popular haircut for men

This hairstyle is popular for lending a youthful look. It takes a bit of styling to hold the spikes in place, but with that you are all set. Add in a stubble for tipping the style quotient a little towards hotness.

  1. Pompadour

    popular short haircuts pompadour

Do you want that look that works for every setting? Whether you have work to do, or you are off with friends, or you have an event to attend? You should choose the Brad Pitt way: a clean pompadour haircut (tapered fades on side and short back combed hair), and a light mustache to go. Pompadour is simply rolled back hairstyle with many variations to experiment with.

  1. Undercut + comb over

    popular boys hairstyles

Faded undercut on sides and side-combed hair in the center, this hairstyle is especially popular among men in their 20s for its stylish look that still looks well put together to work for formal settings (for strict formal use, don’t get the undercut too faded or high). This hairstyle is not low-maintenance though.

  1. Straight long hair

    popular long hairstyles for men

If you have straight, silky hair, this hairstyle could be for you. It has long remain popular for the innocent look it provides and especially suit people with a chiseled jawline to show. Just let your hair flow loose, and not stuck together in a pointed straight manner with a gel.

  1. Long wavy loose hair


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When you have long wavy hair, and don’t want to do much for managing them or styling them, leaving them loose just to be able to set in place with fingers is a great choice.

  1. Out of bed look

    popular long hairstyles for men

The ever popular look for that boyish charm which needs some setting, even though it is meant to make people believe otherwise. The hair is loose, slightly long and look uncombed.

  1. Shag haircut

    popular haircuts for men shag

Shag haircuts are famed for giving a rock-n-roll kind of messy appearance. They have a lot of texture and volume at the crown.

  1. Classic Slick Back

    popular haircuts for men

You can hardly fail with this classic gentleman hairstyle. Not only does it look decent in all settings, it is an easy haircut for men to get and maintain.  This is also one of the most popular haircuts for Indian men.

  1. Buzz Cut + Beard

    popular haircuts for men

The get it and forget about it hairstyle. Doesn’t even need any combing, styling products and suits almost all occasions from college to office.

  1. Crew Cut

    popular haircut for men

The flat top hair is a classic style for men of all ages. Undercuts with optional edgy razor designs are becoming super popular with young men. Though this style needs a fair amount of maintenance, it probably makes up for it with the complements it can get if done properly.

  1. Undercut


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Undercuts with optional edgy razor designs are becoming super popular with young men. Though this style needs a fair amount of maintenance, it probably makes up for it with the amount of complements it can get if done properly.

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  1. Combed Back Gelled Hair

    popular hairstyles for men

The suave cut that means business is among the most popular haircuts for men. It specially suits professional looks, and to make up for all pulled back hair you can add a beard to the face without looking overwhelming.

  1. Mohawk

    popular haircuts for men

A punk haircut for men in which sides of the head is shaved leaving a strip in between. It is popular among men who do not have work under older authorities who might disapprove of such looks, so it’s mostly sported by college students, athletes, artists, etc. 

  1. Wavy side parting

    popular long hairstyles for men

For men with long wavy hair, this simple side parted look works at all ages. Just make sure to keep your hair frizz free as otherwise it can start looking messy.


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