10 Best Multipurpose Accessories For A Smart Traveler

Some people tend to be heavy packers. They will carry in a dozen shirts, multiple pairs of shoes, different perfumes, etc. for a week long trip. If the occasion demands so many changes of attire, then we won’t judge you, but most of the times for leisure trips what you need is much less than what you take with you. Seasoned travelers have mastered this art of efficient packing, and it’s often the once-in-a-while traveler who finds himself struggling with a heavy bag each time he goes out. Read on for what we think are some must have travel accessories for men.

We get it that you like packing up for those ‘just in case’ situations, but we all know those situations seldom come. Even if a surprise dinner gets thrown your way, we’re sure you already have a presentable set of clothes to manage with and don’t really need a separate dress meant for fine dining. There are many benefits of packing light. Not only will you not be catching your breath in carrying your luggage up the stairs, less luggage also means less liability which means more freedom, no hassle of checking in luggage during flight journeys and you’ll also be helping the environment with reduced carbon footprint (Related: 7 Ways To Travel Responsibly). Unless yours is a luxury hotel trip where you can just tip someone for doing all the work for you, try to pack multi-tasking items to reduce your burden. 


  1. Scarf with pockets– a scarf in itself a very versatile item to jazz up various plain outfits, especially when on those trips there is a limit to how many clothes you can carry. To increase its resourcefulness, get a scarf with zipped hidden pockets sewn inside that can be used to keep your phone, earphones, identity card, a mini bottle of hand sanitizer, etc., and there you have your important items safely always with you.
  2. Jacket with plenty of pockets– Ladies carry their purse, and you can carry a jacket to hold your world. Most standard jackets come with 3-4 pockets, but a savvy traveler needs more. Look for one with multiple pockets on the inside to help you carry all valuable documents and gadgets. Even better if it has a removable hood and sleeves! It might cost more than the standard ones, but will be so worth it!
best travel accessories
(left) scarf with pockets, (right) jacket with multiple pockets, removable hood and sleeves
  1. Undergarment with pockets– well you must have guessed by now, having pockets at hard to notice places is the key and what could be more hidden then probably boxers. They will only accommodate mini zippers so helpful in keeping cash and super important papers.
  2. Convertible trousers– a true backpacker’s item, a quick drying, convertible pair of trouser that can either be folded up into a pair of shorts or has the bottom half that can be zipped off is your best friend. Even better if they are waterproof as they’ll let you comfortably walk around the city, go on hikes, hit the hotel gym and because of their material won’t look dirty too soon.
best travel accessories
(left) brief with pockets, (right) convertible, waterproof trouser with removable lower half
  1. Poncho raincoat– this raincoat can cover you and your backpack and daypack all at the same time. Or if you feel like getting wet but worry about the stuff, then just wrap everything inside it and put in your bag to keep stuff safe and dry. The more adventurous souls can even use this as an emergency makeshift tent as it’s big enough to save your head.
  2. Backpack with wheels– a backpack can sometimes start hurting your back, but with wheels attached to it, you get the best of both worlds. Push the handle inside on stairs and then pull it out again and wear it! Just make sure the product is not too bulky when it’s not loaded and the wheel handle sits comfortably against your back.
best travel accessories
(left) a poncho raincoat, (right) a backpack with trolley
  1. A Day Pack– a small waterproof 15 liters day pack can act like your best buddy on the go. You’ll find yourself carrying your phone, camera, water bottle, keys, medicines, and a lot of other small stuff in it while strolling around, hiking or traveling. Usually foldable, this will carry minimum space in your bag while providing good usability.
  2. Multi plug travel adapter/ USB Utility charger– travel a lot to different continents? We’re sure that at some point you have faced issues with arranging a converter for charging your gadgets. Buying a multi plug adapter will come in very handy for you and will make your life easy. Similarly for those who carry multiple gadgets, a Swiss-knife like USB charger having multiple outlets comes in very handy without having to carry many chargers. 
best travel accessories
(left to right) a USB charger, day pack, and multi plug travel adapter.
  1. Camera lens for smartphones- Taking photos is fun, DSLRs can be bulky and smartphones just don’t cut it sometimes. Solution? Buying an external optical lens for smartphones. It gives a wide lens capability, upto 10x optical zoom and greatly enhances low light photography too. Photography is also an activity that can serve you well if you enjoy solo trips so this item is worth checking out. (Related: 10 Fun Things To Do When Traveling Alone)
  2. Water filter straw- this life saving accessory with rave reviews on Amazon can filter upto 4000 liters of water and is perfect for areas where clean drinking water is sparse and Chlorine tablets are not sufficient to make water potable. Carry it on your hikes and you can drink directly from lakes and waterfalls with this straw. There are bottled versions too, but this one is just a space saver.
best travel accessories
An external camera lens and a water purifier straw

We assure you you’ll be using these items A LOT. Some of them may be quite hard to find in the Indian market, as most Indians, errr, do not care about being efficient travelers. So try to ask your Uncle Sam to get them for you just like you’d ask for the latest iPhone. These must have travel accessories for men will not only save yourself from some unnecessary hard work, but you’ll also be the cool guy of the group with some unconventional and practical travel gear!


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