15 Most Popular Hairstyles for Men with Short Hair (2019)

Come summer and everyone wants to have short trendy hairstyles that are easy to maintain and have a low need for grooming products. Not only is it easy to set them up daily, but having short hairstyles also mean less buildup of sweat in the hair and issues of dandruff and hair fall that often accompany it. 
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best short hairstyles

Below is our list of short hairstyles for men that will keep you looking cool in the hot summers (with a focus on short hairstyles for Indian men).

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  1. Pompadourboys hairstyles

Do you want that boy-man, casual-serious, sexy look that keeps you on top of the fashion game in almost any setting? You Should choose the Brad Pitt way: a clean haircut, and a light mustache to go.

  1. 360 Waves + High Fade + Shaved Partboys hairstyles

This is the way to go for lazy hair growers. Keeping it close to the skin as possible, which means low and easy maintenance. With or without beards, this buzz with layered skin sides brings out all the angles of your face. It typically fits almost any head shape.

  1. Crew Cut with Fade Sides
    boys hairstyles

A Sharp, put-together look. This crew cut comes higher up than usual, amplifying the mass of hair at the top and oh…it’s achievable with your short hair.

  1. Buzz Fade + Line Upboys hairstyles

The Buzz Fade + Line Up haircuts have surely come to stay and they get hotter as they evolve. A mix of class, professionalism and some masculine sauce.

  1. Curls with Low Tapered Fades
    boys hairstyles

Gives you a soft, boyish, innocent look to make up for the male swagger. Curls and a low-end fade are casual hairstyles you can wear, especially if your hair leans towards the kinky rough, or soft and curly sides.

  1. Quiff + Mid Bald Fade
    boys hairstyles

This hair cut is the perfect fit for all faces, it is a stylish-boyish hair that takes off some years from your face, and as you can see, is a style made for summers.

  1. Undercut and Comb Over
    boys hairstyles

Apart from the fact that this hair will require some maintenance, you are good. A sided comb over, highlighted with a high-end undercut speaks this one thing: ‘Boss-hood’.

  1. Short Curls + Drop Fade
    boys hairstyles

This dorky-but-naughty look helps make you look good for any occasion. It is another low-maintenance hair for lazy people.

  1. Spiky Mohawk with Skin Undercut
    boys hairstyles

Mohawks have a way of giving ladies the bumps and you sure want to do that. A lot of maneuvering though, but with a good barber and a happy pocket, you can do the Justin Bieber thing too.

  1. Short Fringed Crew Cut
    boys hairstyles

A safe way to hide those receding hairlines. You want to achieve a simple and stylish look with your short hair, then this hair cut keeps it just simple and edgy. This is also one of the most popular short hairstyles for Indian men.

  1. Spiky Front Comb Over
    boys hairstyles

A good back comb over atop a skin cut. Not too much maintenance and moderate maneuvering but surely a style you won’t be going wrong with even for those formal occasions.

  1. Wavy Crew Cut
    boys hairstyles

Your short hair can become a magically wavy pretty thing with some good cream and careful styling. Check it out.

  1. Ducktail
    boys hairstyles

If you are wondering how to look goofy and extremely stylish at once, then Ducktails are a new trendy way to stay on top of hair fashion game. 

  1. Dreadsboys hairstyles

Hey! I have short, kinky hair and yes, I’m dope. The Butler statement is easy to keep because it looks doper as it gets rougher.

  1. Crew cut with Mohawk
    boys hairstyles

Like the look on Derulo’s face? A crew and mo haircut will give you the confidence of a fashion star.

Now that you have an idea of various short hairstyles for men, check out some tips on how to dress for summer with some evergreen essentials that won’t break a bank.


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