Best Beard Styles of Virat Kohli (2019)

Virat Kohli has not been spotted without a beard for a very long time now, and that’s because he likes it very much and thinks it suits him well. Even when a fellow cricketer challenged him following a new social media trend for #BreakTheBeard, Virat did not join the movement only because he loves his beard so much.

virat kohli hair styles

Of course, being who he is, Virat Kohli has the luxury of indulging in the best beard care, products, treatments and styles. That is not equal to saying that beards have to be that complicated though. They are just hair that needs some regular cleansing and moisturizing, and the growing awareness of these simple hacks explains the growing popularity of beard shampoos and beard oils. But you don’t have to get fancy with these products if you don’t want to. A proper cleansing with the face wash followed by a light massage with a non-sticky oil is sufficient for an easy daily care. It’s a beard, and as long as it stays detangled, clean and smooth, that’s all there needs to be.

Coming next to styling the beard, Virat Kohli has been seen with clean cut lines around the cheek and side buns. He experiments every now and then with how he wants the look to be by switching between a goatee, french cut, full stubble and faded styles like a heavier growth on the chin compared to the sides. But what stays common in almost all of the looks? Clean lines with no deviating visible growth that show his attention to regular trimming.

Whether it is the effect of marrying into Bollywood, or being a star himself, or just being a Delhi lad who cares about vanity, he takes his looks seriously and here we see Virat’s best beard looks.


  1. Beard style for young boys, as sported by Virat is his earlier days. Mantra is to just keep it simple and trimmed and look natural without caring too much about creating sharp lines. 

    virat kohli hair beard style

  2. A full grown beard, again with a natural hairline and not sharply cut ones. To balance the volume out, a full grown beard accompanied a short hairstyle.

    virat kohli hair beard style

  3. A smart professional look with a short, trimmed beard, mustache and a light goatee with faded side-parted hairstyle.

    virat kohli hair beard style

  4. A full grown beard with clean lines along the cheeks and jawline. The faded hairstyle with length in the middle is one of the most popular hairstyles for Indian boys.

    virat kohli hair beard style

  5. Keeping up with his better half, here’s Virat looking stylish with a full grown nicely styled beard and a faded mohawk hairstyle.

    virat kohli hair beard styles

  6. A faded beard style, with dense growth around chin and mustache (lightly resembling a french beard) and clean lines again along the cheeks and jawline.

    virat kohli hair beard style

  7. A clean look with light stubble and sharp lines accompanied by a nicely set spiked hairstyle. The look goes well at the time you don’t want to be bothered with the maintenance of the hair while you are out doing business.

    virat kohli hair beard style

  8. The boy next door look, with short side parted hair and light faded beard with sharp trimmed lines.

    virat kohli hair beard style

  9. A full beard near the jawline and chin with clean trimmed lines along the cheeks and sideburns. The classic hairstyle, pompadour, to bring volume to the face.

    virat kohli hair bears styles

  10. And finally, a simple light stubble when trying to divert attention to another part of the face, in this case a trendy hairstyle!


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