Indian Wedding Wear For Men

How many times have you had to go to a wedding or other related functions and have struggled with what to wear? Men face this situation more often than not.The Indian wedding wear for men is infamous for not offering many options. However, on a closer look we do find many interesting ways to dress yourself up. Just don’t let your thoughts get clouded by the assumption that you only have a kurta pajama and a shirt and trouser to wear and there’s a lot to play with. The Indian land offers enough diversity and we show you how!


The jodhpuri jacket is our very own version of the formal suit. Wear it with pants, a mandarin shirt or just by itself all buttoned up and dress shoes. Add a pocket square or a chain to accessorize.

jodhpuri suit styles for men
(left to right) a plain, printed and a buttoned down jodhpuri suit.


If you must wear a men’s suit for a wedding, try to step away from black and go for other colors to avoid looking too formal at a celebration.

wedding suit styles
(left to right) suit with contrasting pieces, monochrome suit with sheen, quirky colored suit for the experimental ones (Source –


There’s a sherwani for the groom, and there’s a sherwani for everyone else. Don’t mix the two. Guests should go low on embellishments and bling.

sherwani styles
(left to right) monochrome sherwani with border embellishments, printed sherwani and a very easily available sherwani!


You can dress up or dress down with a nehru jacket. This is also a chance for you to wear the prints, bling and patterns to stand out in an otherwise simple outfit. This category also works well with budget-conscious people as bits and pieces of the outfit can be used on other occasions as well, like using the jacket with jeans and using just the kurta pajyama on some simpler occasions.

nehru jacket styles
(left,right) an embroidered or printed nehru jacket to add colors to a simple kurta (Source:WedMeGood), (centre) a plain nehru jacket for monochrome or contrasting look


A kurta pajyama is a versatile set of dress. Other than pairing it up with a nehru jacket, you can make it interesting on its own by choosing a pattern or add drapes. It is also a very safe option for those who want to keep it simple and low-key.

long kurta styles for men
(left to right) printed kurta, kurta with subtle bling, plain kurta with a printed drape


Falling under the Indo-Western category, pairing a dhoti or dhoti pants with kurta or sherwani is as ethnic as probably you can be while going modern at the same time. It is indeed ironic that dhoti used to be a very traditional wear among elders but is now considered an Indo-western outfit among most city folks.

dhoti styles for men
Men wedding wear options for dhoti and indo-western


Finally, if you can manage none of the above due to time or budget constraints, and have only shirts and trousers in your wardrobe, our suggestion would be to at least get a shirt of some regal Indian color like maroon, dark blue, emerald green, etc. that can be worn with just solid trousers and dress shoes or loafers. If even that is not an option, grab a well-fitted white shirt with trousers and add a shirt pin.

wedding shirt styles for men
When going with plain clothes, playing with accessories is a good idea

Everyone likes the wedding season and now you have all the reasons to style up! Our weddings are colorful events and your look should not be bland. Just remember to have fun with prints and colors, not necessarily all together.

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