Jewelry For Men : What To Wear

Men’s jewelry is an understated category. Indian men tend to either go all flashy with their shiny accessories or choose to not pay attention at all. Remember that less is more when it comes to men’s jewelry, and if chosen tastefully, a few pieces of jewelry can take your outfit from good to stylish. 

Below are the must have jewelry items for men to go on different occasions to help you put your best fashionable foot forward:

  1. Watch– the most common, yet essential piece of jewelry that can instantly define your style. Whether you are the sporty type who likes G-shock, or a man preferring leather straps or metal, a timepiece is an investment that can last years.
  2. Lapel pin– we probably like this the most. It’s different, stylish and needs a certain debonair charm to carry.
  3. Cuff links– cuff links always find their way in the wardrobe of a well-dressed man. Steel, expensive metal, embellished, different shapes, you can choose to pay minute detail to the design of them and have a pair that suits your personality.

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jewelry for men
(Left to right) Donning a watch, using a lapel pin and cufflinks to add more style to the look
  1. Chain– a sleek metal chain helps keep things minimal and elegant.
  2. Bracelet– whether you prefer bracelets of casual style or gold, silver ones, wearing a few strings of them on your wrist shows your interest in styling, as bracelets are often worn by men who have an interest in accessories.
jewelry styles for men
(left to right) a sleek chain, wearing bracelets in a semi-formal and casual attire
  1. Tie pin– not only does it keep your tie from flying all over the place, but a dash of bling on an otherwise subtle outfit looks classy.
  2. Collar pin/chain– to get that suave old school gentleman look to complement your well-tailored suit, a collar pin or chain gives an excellent something to add to the look.
jewelry guide for men
(left to right) add a simple tie pin, collar pin or a collar chain to enhance the look

So take your pick from the above suggestions and have fun with your outfit!

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